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Puppy Pre School

There are so many amazing benefits to teaching your puppy good manners at an early age. Our puppy pre-school has been designed, perfected & implemented by our knowledgeable nursing team after considerable research & continuing education.


We are very proud of our puppy school - which is why we have made it FREE!*. 

Our Puppy Pre-school program runs for 5 weeks, from 6.00pm - 7.00pm on Tuesday nights with Georgie.


The total cost is $125, which is then completely redeemable to your account upon graduation - meaning you can use the money for services such as desexing, microchipping, dental care, consultations & more! 


With our progressive and positive learning techniques you will:

  • Develop an understanding of normal puppy behavior.

  • Learn how to read your puppy's body language and respond appropriately.

  • Develop effective techniques for positive behavioral development.

  • Learn important tips about walking in public areas.

  • Understand the need for socialising your puppy.

  • Teach your puppy some important 'do not' lessons

  • Understand important boundaries when playing together.

  • Develop strong bonds between you and your puppy

As well as: 

  • Sit 

  • Look / Focus  

  • Recall Training 

  • Drop 

  • Mat Training 

The most important thing about Puppy Pre-school is 'start early'. Waiting too long can allow behavior problems to establish which then require more intensive training to overcome. So why not start today? 

Our spaces are strictly limited and book up very quickly.

Bookings are essential.

Training a Puppy with Snack
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