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Health Club

Being a pet owner comes with many challenges (goodbye, lovely garden!), one of which is trying to remember all the different things required for the routine wellness. From annual check ups and vaccines, to flea and worm treatments, trying to remember it all can quickly become overwhelming. 

Which is why we made the GOVC Health Club - to keep things simple, easy and most importantly - affordable. 


Health Club Inclusions

- Reminder Text Messages

- Annual Health Check in a 20 minute, no-rush consultation 

- Full C5 (Dogs) or F3 +/- FIV (Cats) Vaccination

- Full yearly Intestinal Worming with Paragard All-Wormer (Dogs) or Popantel (Cats) 

- Full yearly Flea Prevention with Bravecto Chews (Dogs) or Advocate Topical Spot-On (Cats) 

- Unlimited FREE primary consultations for each new illness or accident*.

Revisits are charged as standard. 

Price Guide - Dogs 

Puppies - Small Breed

Puppies - Large Breed

Adult Dog < 10kg       

Adult Dog 10 - 19kg                           

Adult Dog 20 - 29kg                                             

Adult Dog 30 - 39kg                                           

Adult Dog 40kg +                                                     

Price Guide - Cats 

Kittens - F3 Only 

Kittens - F3 + FIV 

Adult Cat F3 Only     0 - 4kg 

Adult Cat F3 Only     5+ kg

Adult Cat F3 + FIV     0 - 4kg

Adult Cat F3 + FIV     5+ kg

Terms & Conditions: 

- Health Club Memberships cover the annual preventative essentials (vaccinations, flea & worming prevention and unlimited primary consultations). This is DIFFERENT from Pet Insurance, so we strongly recommend you also start insuring your pets when they are puppies/kittens.

- Consultations by appointment only. Bookings can be made online or via phone 08 8338 0005. 

- Flea and worm products are not interchangeable with other products or brands. If you wish to use a different product, it must be paid for separately and in full.

- You will receive reminders regarding when your pets flea and/or worming products are due. It is the responsibility of the owner to come in and collect the products. Overdue products and procedures will not be reimbursed.  

- Reminders are automated by our practice management software. As such, you may received up to three separate reminders for each part of your pets health care. 

* Primary consults are visits involving a new problem or concern, or a possible recurring condition last seen more than 3 months earlier. Example: Suspected left ear infection - if seen in January and then again in April in case of a flare up for the same ear, both those consultations will be included under your membership benefits. Otherwise, recheck fees may apply as appropriate. 

$730 / year 

$760 / year 

$540 / year 

$575 / year 

$650 / year 

$698 / year 

$810 / year

$420 / year 

$500 / year 

$320 / year 

$350 / year 


$375 / year 

$400 / year

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