Dr. Perrine Neretti

Owner, Director & Superstar Vet

Inspired by a documentary on The Northern Territory Wildlife Park, Dr. P purchased a one way ticket to Australia when she was only 19, and never looked back!

After her graduation from Murdoch University, and a 4 years stint in Darwin, she spent time working across Australia & Europe. Finally, in 2008, she settled in Adelaide with her husband, and the Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic was born.

An astute surgeon, Dr P. also has a strong passion for Naturopathy, Dermatology and Radiology. She is renowned for her caring & patience; and  will do whatever it takes to help you and your pets.

Dr Beatrice Chan

Associate Rockstar Vet

Dr Bea never planned to be come a vet, but after falling into the degree at uni quickly realised how much she loved working with animals and getting the opportunity to help all creatures great & small. 


She loves meeting new people with the fur-babies and getting to know their unique stories. 


She is passionate about anaesthesia, imaging and client education. You wil often find her with her nose in a research book, finding new ways to help her clients.  

Dr Bea is also able to offer consultations in Cantonese and Mandarin.