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Dr. Perrine Neretti

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Inspired by a documentary on The Northern Territory Wildlife Park, Dr. P purchased a one way ticket to Australia when she was only 19, and never looked back!

After her graduation from Murdoch University, and a 4 years stint in Darwin, she spent time working across Australia & Europe. Finally, in 2008, she settled in Adelaide with her husband, and the Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic was born.

An astute surgeon, Dr P. also has a strong passion for Naturopathy, Dermatology and Radiology. She is renowned for her caring & patience; and  will do whatever it takes to help you and your pets.


Dr Peter Skene

SeniorVeterinary Surgeon

"Dr Pete graduated from Adelaide University in the inaugural class of 2013 and has worked in small animal practice across Adelaide.


He is passionate about his work and loves helping people to provide the best possible care for their pets.

His interests include medicine, imaging, surgery and dentistry.

When not at work Dr Pete enjoys spending time with the other loves of his life - wife Cathy, dog Jake and cat George Clooney."

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