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Neutered Junior Large Dog can be fed to large breed puppies (adult weight of 25-44kg) from the time your dog is neuetered until the time it reaches adulthood (15 months).Neutered diets can help prevent obesity while providing all the nutrients needed for healthy growth plus this diet includes joint support specifically for large breed dogs.


Digestive security

Combination of highly digestible proteins (L.I.P - Low Indigestible Proteins), prebiotics, sugar beet pulp and fish oil to ensure maximum digestive security


Optimal growth

Combination of an exclusive formula reduced in calorie with high satietogenic power, an exclusive kibble and adjusted feeding guidelines to promote ideal bodyweight during growth in nuetered growing dogs


Bone and joint support

Balanced protein and mineral formula with inclusion of omega fatty acids particularly EPA & DHA to protect and nourish the bones and joints of growing dogs


Natural defences support

Association of prebiotics with a patented synergistic antoxidant complex including high contents of vitamine E, vitamine C, taurine and luteine, to support natural defences of growing dogs

Pediatric Junior Large Dog

  • - Orders placed on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will be ready for collection by Thursday afternoon.

    - Orders placed on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be ready for collection by Monday afternoon.

    - If for any reason you fail to collect your item within 7 days, your payment will be added as a credit to your client file, and the food re-sold. As a small business, we unfortunatly do not have the facilities to accomodate long-term holds.

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