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Neutered Adult Medium Dog is a nutritionally balanced diet for medium breed dogs (11-25kg) 12 months to 7 years of age that have been neutered.This diet helps fight against obesity with a specific blend of fibres, a high protein content, low fat and special nutrients thathelps transform fat into energy. This diet can be fed throughout your dog's adult life.


Ideal body weight

Combination of an exclusive formula low in calorie with high satietogenic power, an exclusive kibble and adjusted feeding guidelines to help maintain the ideal bodyweight of neutered adult dogs


Skin & coat

Inclusion of several key nutrients to reinforce the coat's natural beauty and to help protect the skin


Digestive intolerance

Combination of highly digestible proteins (L.I.P - Low Indigestible Proteins), sugar beet pulp and fish oil to ensure maximum digestive security


Antioxidant complex

Use of a patented synergistic antioxidant complex with high contents of vitamin E, vitamin C, taurine and luteine, to help neutralize free radicals

Neutered Adult - Medium Dog

  • - Orders placed on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will be ready for collection by Thursday afternoon.

    - Orders placed on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be ready for collection by Monday afternoon.

    - If for any reason you fail to collect your item within 7 days, your payment will be added as a credit to your client file, and the food re-sold. As a small business, we unfortunatly do not have the facilities to accomodate long-term holds.

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