PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our patients & your pets, homeopathic (nosode) vaccinations are NOT available here at GOVC. This decision is based on the latest research & literature.


Dr Perrine Neretti has a special interest in alternative remedies, so we can often offer a more ‘natural’ approach. GOVC is currently the only Veterinary Clinic offering the largest range of natural therapies and supplements with clinical expertise in SA. 

We find that these alternatives and an appropriate diet can often reduce the levels of conventional drugs, therefore also reducing possible side effects.

Naturopathic remedies are selected according to the pet’s age, breed and condition. There is no simple remedy and alternatives will only be offered when deemed medically safe to do so. 

We source our products from Australian manufacturers who undergo strict and regular testing. At the Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic, all of our therapeutic goods are registered on the ARTG in accordance with standards and legislation.