Health Club - Cats

GOVC Health Club

Our health club enables you to save BIG on routine pet care that has otherwise been forgotten or significanly undercovered by leading pet insurance companies. By becoming a Member, you gain access to discounted routine health packages for your cat and unlimited consultations with the veterinarian of your choice*.

Prices are available on request and are tailored specifically to your pets individual needs. 

Cat Club  membership includes: 

- Annual F3 vaccination (with the option to upgrade and include your cat's FIV vaccine too)

- For kitten, this includes the FULL initial course of vaccines!

- A 12 month supply of Advocate topical parasite prevention to control fleas, heartworm, lungworm, mites, roundworm, hookworm & whipworm

- A 12 month supply of Popantel Tapeworm tablets for cats to treat tapeworm

+ 10% OFF the toal cost of boarding services. 

+ UNLIMITED FREE primary consultations for every new accident or illness*


*Free consultation only applies to NEW and unrelated conditions affecting your pet. Consultation rechecks for current conditions occur a standard, non discounted fee of $60. Any additional procedure(s) and/or treatment(s), if required, will incur additional costs. Bookings are essential.